Candy Land in the World Language Classroom

Do you love playing GAMES in Spanish class? I do! I made this resource so that my Spanish intro class could practice basic vocab that they have learned so far this year: clothing, greetings, body parts, foods, animals, and colors. CLICK HERE to purchase from my TPT Store for just $2.

My Spanish Intro class is made up of four 7th grade students at our small Christian school. Finding resources that work well with a small group (for this year) and for larger groups (as the school grows in the coming years) is a challenge. I made this resource so that it will work with small and large groups.

The best part of playing this game is the “chance” that is involved! If you land on the gingerbread man or the candy cane and have to move back on the board, it always causes the players to either cheer or jeer. Knowing your vocab can also advance you two spaces if you draw a double color card.

CLICK HERE to purchase from my TPT Store for just $2. This game takes 1/2 to one full class period to play.

Happy Playing!

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