¿Qué está en la Cabeza de Ned? What’s in Ned’s Head?

I have to admit, I am a sucker for games…. any games! I love to play review games with my students and I try to come up with fun activities to help the vocab really sink in. This year I have a visually impaired student in my classroom so the regular search-and-find games with hidden cards around the room or the “flyswatter” game that I love to bring out for my other classes just won’t fly (no pun intended) in Spanish 1 this year. I decided to come up with a game that is purely tactile (no reading or sight required). I borrowed What’s in Ned’s Head from our lovely Kindergarten teacher (Mrs. Netti) and filled it with all sorts of strange things. I plundered the Dollar Tree of all kinds of food-shaped dog toys, doll house furniture, fake food, Barbie dolls (which I dismembered for the parts of the body) and lots of other things! Just look at all this crazy stuff! There are even baby socks in there.

Next, I created a stack of cards. You don’t have to do that. You can just make a list (in Spanish) of what the kids need to feel around for inside of Ned’s Head (or a pillowcase or a box). I made cards so that I can use their game play time to half-listen to them (and correct any errors) and half-lesson plan or prep for the rest of my day if needed.

My Spanish 1 kids loved playing this game! I plan to use it with other Spanish classes too but for them I will change it up a little bit. I will ask them to find something that is a certain color, texture, of a certain category, or things like that rather than asking them for a specific item by name. They know the vocab and having a different application will be a great way for them to apply critical thinking skills along with exercise their tactile skills.

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