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The End? Nah!

I am not really looking forward to the end of the year. We have finals next week and then the summer is here. Spending each day praying for and with my students is amazing and I am going to miss their hugs and chats and presence in my life for the 90 days of summer break.

I am already planning my lessons for next school year!

For Intro Spanish, I think I am getting a student helper. He is one of my juniors this year and in Spanish 2. He won’t have time in his schedule to be in Spanish 3 with me but he’s so bright and awesome and willing to help me with the intro kids.

For Spanish 1-3 I don’t think I will make that many changes. Something I do want to have more of is fun, or course. I want to have more food, art, short videos, etc.

For Spanish 4, I am really excited! I just have one student and he will be managing the Spanish Club that we host for grades 4-6. I am looking forward to seeing what he can put together for the students in our meetings. I’m not sure if we will meet once every two weeks or once every three weeks. We shall see. We will also be writing Spanish children’s books for missionaries using StoryBird.com

Music class will hopefully be divided into two groups: Music 1 and Music 2. We will meet another time in the week with both groups for “lab” day. Lab day is really “band” but since none of them can really proficiently read music we call it lab. The students work in small groups and show each other what they know on whatever instrument they have. By the end of the year most of my students can play 2 or 3 songs on a few different instruments. This year I had a student learn ukulele and piano. I had another learn bass and clarinet. It really is amazing!

Next year I would like music 1 to be a chorus type class and music 2 to be music theory/appreciation. Then for lab we will continue playing worship songs in groups!

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